Kavlar (aramid) fabrics

Kavlar (aramid) fabrics


TRI-STAR Kevlar is made of an extremely strong fabric called an aramid fabric, which is chemically related to nylon. This fabric, which is already very tough and durable, is then woven in a pattern similar to tiny spiderwebs all interlocked to provide additional strength and durability. Aramid fibers like kevlar are resistant to wear, tear and heat, and have absolutely no melting point.

The properties:
excellent abrasion and cut resistance
good environmental stability
retaining useful properties over a wide range of temperatures
good chemical resistance to most weak acids and alkali, ketones, alcohols, hydrocarbons, oils and dry cleaning solvents.
Minimum, -420º F (-250ºC)
Maximum, 500º F (260ºC)
Chars at 800E° F (425ºC)
Degrades at 900E° F (480ºC)
Does not melt

Kavlar (aramid) fabrics are primarily used in polymer matrix laminates such as ballistic armor, in un laminated layers for protective apparel, and in film laminates such as in high performance sailcloth,etc

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