ri-star Filter Cloth

Filter cloth is used for solid/liquid separation.With over 25 years experience, we have developed a wide range of filter cloth media and can provide excellent filtration solutions for the following industries: chemical and pharmacal,mineral processing,environmental,food and beverages.


Tri-star Liquid Filter Bag

- Paints & lacquer industry
- Wastewater treatment
- Pharmceutical industry
- Food industry
- Chemical industry
- Beer, wine & spirit industry
- Adhesive

Tri-star Dust Collector Bag

Dust collector bag is used for collecting valuable industrial dust or dedusting harmful industrial dust. Tri-star dust collector bag is well designed to meet your specific requirements. The industries they serve:

- cement industry: Kiln retro-fits, process and nuisance dust collectors
- asphalt industry: Asphalt and aggregate dryer baghouses
- carbon black: Product collection
- chemical industry
- power plant dedusting
- smelting industry

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